Abbott Designs produce the following detailed health & safety graphics:

Traffic Management Plans are detailed schematics of the site and traffic management routes. These multi layered schematics can be distributed or displayed, to staff, contractors and visitors. Each layer is tailored to a specific group therefore eliminating any confusion over access points or vehicle movements.

Delineation Diagrams take existing building plans and superimpose colour coded graphics to denote different working areas and access routes. Band new diagrams can also produce to reflect changes in building usage or internal architecture.

Loading Plans visualise the load layouts on specific vehicles. Top and side views, allow item orientation, bracing and strapping arrangements to be clearly understood. The loading key differentiates between strap tonnage capacities.

Lifting Plans show securing points and bracing, as well as shackle and strop arrangements for forklift jibs or cranes. The lifting key identifies strop, shackle and jib types. For unconventional items or locations, lifting plans can include multiple view points.

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